Local TV now on Freeview Channel 7 and 8


Local TV stations in the UK are all to be found on either Channel 7 or Channel 8 on the Freeview programme guide, following a re-ordering of positions by Digital UK.

Since the launch of the first station, in November 2013, local TV channels in the UK have been allocated the most prominent slot available.

In England and Northern Ireland that meant Channel 8, while in Scotland and Wales it was Channel 23.

With the decision by the BBC to move BBC3 from Freeview, Digital UK offered local TV stations lower EPG numbers.

In England and Wales almost all stations have opted to occupy the Channel 7 slot. The exception is the biggest station, London Live, which continues on Channel 8.

In Scotland and Wales the three stations so far launched, in Cardiff, Edinburgh and Glasgow have all moved to Channel 8.

Local TV Network Chair, Chris Johnson, said: “Local TV in the UK remains relatively new.

“Local stations are delivering a unique service to viewers and it’s right that all steps possible should be taken to ensure it is easily found by viewers.”