15 Digital Nation programmes in 2015

Digital Nation

29 December 2015

The Local TV network has so far produced 15 Digital Nation programmes. The show is a weekly compilation of reports from local TV channels across the UK.

The programme, which launched in September 2015, is commissioned by the BBC for transmission on the BBC website. It is also re-broadcast on local TV channels.

The BBC website describes the series as, “A weekly round-up of the best local independent television from around the UK”.

The Digital Nation episodes are live at www.bbc.co.uk/digitalnation

Below are details and the web addresses for the 4 segments in the latest programme.

Digital Nation Episode 15

Caring Nation
From hen power in a care home, to a marathon man raising money to combat bullying.

Migrant Crisis
With scenes of migrants fleeing, the UK has offered support in lots of different ways.

Historical Nation
A look at the incredible historical figures who have made an impact on our nation.

Festival Nation
From Eid to Navratri to Pride to Day of the Dead, the UK knows how to throw a party.